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Wisps of Dark & Sounds of Light

Creative Musings

Awennra Thorne
8 July 1986
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Silent waters run deep.

Well, i may seem shy but the truth is that am not shy but reserved a bit. I am basically a loner, living in my own world.. a writer, a composer, a musician, a singer, a pagan and a witch, who loves being in nature, being connected to it, to the universe and to her spiritual self.

I like a lot of things, but in my soul i yearn for enlightenment and moksha...If one chance was given to me, i would leave everything and go for the Light, but in the meantime, i'm learning more about myself...

Am seeking to develop my full potential and seeking self-fulfillment is my current concern for this lifetime...

Sinon, am still trying to make life beautiful....:)